Wednesday, June 12, 2013

McAfee Security Innovations Mobile Security App


McAfee® released its new security apps "Mobile Innovations" provides you with an opportunity to try out groundbreaking new features to protect your device not to stolen or lose. The application aims specifically to help users not lose or have their device stolen, protect your data vault and to check the safeness of QR Codes. 

The app does so by working with the fact that users often have more than one device, letting them link the devices together to alert the user whenever the devices are more than 30 feet apart at any time. The so-called "Smart Perimeter" feature will set off an alarm if the devices become separated and let you track down whichever one is out of your possession.

To get this application click here or below link.

McAfee Security Innovations Features

Smart Perimeter - Carrying more than one mobile device? Afraid of forgetting or losing them? Link them together and you will be alerted when they are separated by more than 30ft. Smart Perimeter will activate an alarm to let you quickly identify and recover your device.

Safe QR Reader - Ensure the QR codes are safe for browsing
Data Vault - Protect your private photos, videos and documents from prying eyes, locally on your device.

McAfee Security Innovations Mobile Security App Video

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