Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Identity Theft one of the increasing security risk of 2008

Identity Theft continuous to become an increase threat to security. Identity theft is a catch-all term for crimes involving illegal usage of another individual's identity. The most common form of identity theft is credit card fraud. While the term is relatively new, the practice of stealing money or getting other benefits by pretending to be a different person is thousands of years old.

The major type of identity thefts are Financial Identity Theft (using another's identity to obtain goods and services), Criminal Identity Theft (posing as another when apprehended for a crime), Identity Cloning (using another's information to assume his or her identity in daily life) and Business/Commercial Identity Theft (using another's business name to obtain credit).

We must be address by using regular awareness sessions with end-users to secure about their identity from fraudsters. Here is an Identity theft security awareness training session by Mr. Jorge, Founder and CEO www.esgulf.com, Limassol, Cyprus. Jorge helps organizations and individuals understand and get the best out out of latest in Information and Communication Technology.

You can also download the audio of this Identity theft security awareness training session by clicking here.Download this episode (21 min)  

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