Friday, September 14, 2007

Auto Shutdown Tool for Firefox When All Files Have Downloaded

Firefox Auto Shutdown add-on by InBasic help you to shutdown the computer after all downloads finished or failed. This extension help you to sleep without any tension, if you are downloading some huge files from the Internet by using Firefox Download Manager and will takes another long hours to finish.

All professional Download Managers have ability to Auto Shutdown after all downloads finished but this extension add icon to "status bar" and "Download Manager Window" so by click on status icon or check in download manager you can be sure that your PC will be turnoff after all downloads finished or failed.

Now this add-on only support windows platform. The Auto Shutdown extension of Firefox internally executes the windows shell command shutdown. Windows Shutdown command allows you to shut down or restart a local or remote computer. If you use the command without parameters, it will log off the current user. If you want to turn off your computer in next two hours, type the command shutdown -s -t 7200 [7200 = 2 hours] in Windows Run box and then press OK.

You could either cancel the downloads, or leave the computer in running state or just download and install Auto Shutdown extension from

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